Friday, 25 May 2007

Hello, World

Temptation has got the better of me. I have a blog. This will be a source of some mirth to those who have suffered through my several diatribes about a certain class of self-important, highly-opinionated person who believes that they somehow make the world a richer place by filling it with their random flashes of cerebral diarrohea. Bloggers, in other words.

I have a good excuse. I figure a blog is a viable substitute for a memory and that is how I intend to use it. I have little intention of banging on about Iraq (and the activities of the evil warmongers there), politics (even though yesterday was election day in Ireland), religion (which I am generally in favour of up to the point where it calls upon me to actually be good) or sex (which I am generally in favour of up to the point where it calls upon me to actually be good). That’s not to say that I definitely won’t impose my view about all of those things on the world, but it isn’t the main idea. Rather, the plan is to use this as a way of writing down lots of stuff that I figured out once and will probably need to figure out again at some point long after I have forgotten how I did it the first time.

You can thank/blame (depending on your perspective) John Dunn for inspiring me to actually do this since it was the arrival of his blog (to which I will link if he ever makes it public ;-) ) that finally pushed me over the edge. I feel certain that his comment will be found below before too much longer.

If, in a spirit of benevolence and generosity, you feel compelled to follow me down the path towards being a blogger, I highly recommend WordPress. I found it very easy to set up (it really did take only 10 minutes) and it is real a pleasure to use.

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